Fanuc controls

Fanuc controls have changed and evolved over the years. From the older 5m/5t series, to the much newer and more versatile 31i control. Each different control varies from the next slightly in the way it should be programmed. It is for this reason that a broad knowledge of Fanuc controls is necessary. This is also the reason why this blog should only be used as a guideline. It will work on most Fanuc machines, but not all of them. For example, on a 0m control, G43 is used to measure the tool height. One CAN NOT use G43 on a Fanuc 6m control and expect the same result. The correct code for a Fanuc 6m machine to measure tool height is G46.

This is just one example of how the control has changed over time. So as a precaution, always get to know the machine before attempting to program it, always refer to the machine manuals, and always run the machine really cautiously if the program has not been proven.

Fanuc O-M milling control for a Victor V140 machine centre

This is an old Fanuc 0-M control. The 0 stands for the series, and the M is for a milling machine control. If it was a lathe control it would be 0-T

Fanuc 32-i control for a Doosan Puma LM-400 CNC Lathe
Here is an example of a much newer control, the 32i control. Note that the screen is in color. It is a much newer control than the Fanuc O-M model. This particular control is for a Doosan puma LM400 CNC lathe.