Use of Movement g codes for milling

Use of movement G-codes

Here I will discuss how to utilize the movement G-Codes, If you haven't checked out the list of G codes yet, be sure to check them first here:

Eg 1.
G00 X100.  ;

This will make the X axis Rapid to 100mm, Can also be used with any other Axis the machine has.

Eg 2.
G01 X100. F100 ;

This will make the X axis feed to 100mm at a feed rate of  F100 or 100mm/m

With these 2 codes, a basic straight line cut can be done by rapid traversing the tool near to the job, and then using the G01 code to cut the material. 

Eg 3.
G00 X20. ;
Z1. ;    *
G01 X0. ;

*Note that it is not necessary to re write G00 to get the Z axis to rapid to 1mm. This is because G00 is already selected from the previous line. Only once G01 is selected in the program, then it will be necessary to change back to G0 for rapid traversing.

This set of codes will rapid the X axis to 20mm, Then rapid the Z axis to 1mm, Then feed the X axis to 0mm.

These 2 codes are very important to know, If you swap them around, you will end up rapiding into your job and breaking your tool. Now to the next code.

Eg 4.
G02 X0. Y100. R100.

This code is telling the machine that you want it to make a clockwise radius of 100mm. The X and Y values in this case represent what position the tool is going to stop cutting the radius.

The same applies for G03 except that your radius cuts counter clockwise.

This completes our list of movement G-codes.

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