trochoidal milling

trochoidal milling

Trochoidal milling is circular milling with forward movement. It is mostly used to machine slots and pockets. Trochoidal milling reduces vibration and can greatly improve cutting time. It is mostly done with solid carbide tools, but can also be done with insert tools which are designed to handle it. Trochoidal milling is designed so that only  a small amount of material is taken off per cut, but the full length of the cutting edge can be used. This ensures even wear and heat distribution. Trochoidal milling should be done at high feed rates, using multi edged cutters. Refer to the cutter specs before attempting trochoidal milling.

Most CAM software has trochoidal milling as a feature, but Delcam is developing what they call Vortex milling, which is essentially the same thing. Here is a link to a video demonstration of vortex milling in action. Note that a shrink fit holder is being used for the solid carbide end mill as it provides better support for the cutter and prevents chatter. Also note the way the program handles corners, this is all part of Delcam's extensive research into increasing productivity in the machine shop.

Here is the link: Vortex Milling

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