Tool life Vs Finish

Tool Life VS Finish

Having a good finish is normally very important when it comes to CNC machining . But it can come at a price. To get a good finish, it is common practice to speed up the RPM of the cut, but this often causes a tool life decrease.

The key to this is to find the balance. Luckily, most quality inserts have specs on the back of the box which tell exactly how fast to cut to maintain a good finish as well as prevent inserts from wearing too quickly or burning.

It is also important to ensure that the correct grade of insert is used for the type of material that is being cut. Using the incorrect grade will reduce tool life drastically as well as the finish (in most cases).

It is important to note the correct cutting conditions of inserts. They are calculated by the company that makes the inserts, and the guidelines should be followed to ensure maximum productivity, reasonable insert life and a good finish.

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