G92 code description for milling

Start Point (G92) for milling


This code is mostly used by the older machines, but since then G54,G55,G56 and G57  have become the more frequently used codes for indicating the program start location. It is still useful to know the way G92 functions, which is the reason for this short post.

G92 is a code used to show the machine where the zero-point of the program is. It is usually followed by an X,Y and Z co-ordinate which is measured beforehand.

 G90 G92 X-200. Y150. Z600. ;

This means that from the machines zero position (Home), the start point is 200mm away on the X-axis, 150mm away on the Y-axis and 600mm away. Most programs start points are at the center of the material, but generally use the drawing or setting sheet to find the best start point for your program. It is also important for this reason that the programmer and the setter communicate to ensure that the correct point is measured relative to the program. G90 is used to clear the previous start point stored in the memory. It is important that the G92 code is read when running the machine to ensure that the machine knows where the start point is. Every time the reset button is pressed, it clears the G92 out of the machines memory.

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