List of important g codes for milling

List of important G-codes in Cnc milling

G00 - Rapid movement
G01 - Linear movement
G02 - Circular interpolation (Clockwise)
G03 - Circular interpolation (Counter clockwise)
G04 - Dwell
G28 - Chosen axis returns home
G40 - Cutter compensation off
G41 - Cutter compensation on
G42 - Cutter compensation on

G43 - Read tool height
G54 - Reference point 1
G55 - Reference point 2
G56 - Reference point 3
G57 - Reference point 4
G92 - Start point

Milling Cycles

G73 - Peck drilling cycle
G74 - Counter tapping cycle
G76 - Fine boring cycle
G80 - Cycle cancel
G81 - Drill cycle / spot drill cycle
G82 - counter boring cycle
G83 - Peck drilling cycle
G84 - Tapping cycle
G86 - Boring cycle
G87 - Back boring cycle

Please note that these are not all the G-codes but only the most common ones used in CNC milling. Also note that the G-codes on this list work for majority of Fanuc controls, but one should always be familiar with the machine and machine codes before attempting to program a CNC machine, as there are variations in G and M codes on different machines. 

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