Important g codes for cnc turning

Important g codes in cnc turning

G00 - rapid traverse
G01 - feed
G02 - circular interpolation (clockwise)
G03 - circular interpolation (counter clockwise)
G04 - dwell
G10 - data setting
G28 - return to reference point
G40 - tool nose radius compensation off
G41 - tool nose compensation left
G42 - tool nose compensation right
G50 - coordinate system settin and spindle max speed setting
G96 - constant surface speed on
G97 - constant surface speed off

Turning cycles

G70 - Finishing cycle
G71 - OD / ID roughing cycle
G72 - Face roughing cycle
G74 - Peck drilling cycle
G75 - Grooving cycle
G76 - common threading cycle

This is designed to be a basic guide, and should be taken as such. Always refer to the machines manual before attempting to use any codes or writing any programs.

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