Dwell (G04)

Dwell (G04)


This is a relatively simple command and is mostly used in hole machining. It stops the machine from moving for a set amount of time, this is to ensure that all necessary material is removed from the component.

 G01 Z-10. F100 ;
 G04 P3000 ;

This will move your Z axis to -10mm, And the following line will make your machine wait 3 seconds before moving again. The spindle still moves while your machine dwells, but none of the axis's move for the time you set your dwell to. The Dwell command is most often used when drilling, to ensure the hole is cleaned up properly, as well as counter boring.

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  1. would this be used in a loader program to install a dwell?

    1. Dwell is a simple code that is added to the program. Its just to ensure that all the shavings are removed from bores etc. In most cases, it is not even necessary to use.