Best brands of Cnc machinery

Best brands of Cnc Machinery

There are lots of brands to choose from when buying Cnc machines. Some of the best brands of CNC on the market include such names as:


Mazak was established in 1919 in Japan. Mazak CNC is most likely the best brand of CNC machine on the market. Even though a Mazak CNC is expensive, not many people can argue that buying a Mazak CNC is money well spent. Although, if you are using your CNC just for a  hobby, or are just starting out, then maybe go for a cheaper brand. There are a lot of cheaper brands of CNC machines that still provide good reliability and accuracy. But if you own a production workshop, you shouldn't compromise.


Doosan was founded in 1896 in South Korea. Doosan is a good, reasonably cheap brand of CNC machine. Its easy to use, which makes it very popular. It is one of the leading brands of CNC machine on the market, although there are notable design flaws, even in the newer models. Good for a small engineering factory or for personal use, and quite good for a production environment.


Victor - taichung was founded in 1954. Their CNC machines are high quality, at a reasonable price. The company is based in Taiwan but has support branches in a number of countries including most of
 Africa. Quite a popular brand of machinary and deservedly so. They have built up a reputation as one of the top brands of cnc machine in the world.


Okuma was founded in 1898 in Japan. Okuma is definately one of the most popular and best brands of Cnc machine. Okumas are reasonably priced, and very reliable. Okuma uses its own control system called the OSP (okuma sampling control) system. It is quite similar to Fanuc but it has some differences. okuma is a brilliant machine when given to the right cnc programmer and comes highly recommended.


Haas is the biggest cnc manufacturer in America. Founded in 1983 in California, Haas quickly established itself as a serious competitor by building high quality cnc machines. Haas is arguably the most popular brand in america and europe. It comes highly recommended if you are looking to buy a new cnc machine for your factory or for personal use.


  1. Definitely machine design is matter for accuracy but it mostly depends on controller (that is CNC-Computer Numerical Control). In my point of views FANUC CNC is the best.

    1. Fanuc CNC is one of the best by far. I also really like mazatrol for accuracy!

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  3. When it comes to controller you need a fast processor and only the Akira Sieki has the 64Bit Color Control With Look Ahead.

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